marți, 23 noiembrie 2010

Of life and mirrors

In front of my mirror I saw the truth
I saw my life,the mistakes of my youth.
But looking closely now I see
The mirror is broken, that women is not me.

We go through life,but never know
We are not unique,the truth's untold.
Let's play the game and fail to see,
That I am you and you are me.
We where children of the snow
Born once so long ago.
We never meet,but we are the same,
Except I have honor,except you have fame.
I saw in you all I am not
Slowly I have felt apart.
You look at me with your kind eyes.
Your smile,your laughter,just disguise.
I had my dreams I had my hopes
But you came in and take my goals.
And I wish you'll fall just once so deep,
Lie on the ground right at my feet.
It's not your fault,it's only mine
I have left hate grow inside.
I feel like falling from the sky
Has my mirror stole my life?

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010


Come morning, now I pray
And release me from my chain,
To journey back in time to find
Everything we left behind.
When every day in darkness fades
I see the wounds that need my aid.

Come morning, now I say
Come awake me, bring the day
Kill my dreams, but save my heart,
For you see it’s thorn apart.
All I need is just one day
So I can hear her call my name.

Come morning, I still shout
I can never leave without
The sun, the mountains, trees or light,
Without the kindness in her eyes.
Come morning, now I pray.
Let me live,just one more day.

miercuri, 10 februarie 2010

I never will

My lips are sealed
But my eyes still talk
I know I'll never,
Never have courage enough
And in our hearts we both feel
Our sorrow will soon be heal.

I never will
You'll never say
Will try to hide it everyday.
If you can read
Than I can write.
If you will call I'll come at night.

Every time we say goodbye
You'll never ...
Never know how much I cry.
And what I hide deep inside.
Being blinded by my pride.

I never will
You'll never say
Will try to hide it everyday.
If you can read
Than I can write.
If you will call I'll come at night.

I never will,
You'll never know.
We'll leave it buried in the snow.
And in the end
We will pay
We'll die a little everyday.

duminică, 10 ianuarie 2010

We are blind

They tell me stories,you can't believe
Even if they do not speak.
And when I dream I fell them near
Surrounding me I fell there fear.
They never left,they are here to stay.
If only you can here what they have to say.
Revealing a path not many can see,
But why are they talking?
And why just me?

'You know this is madness?'
She whispers to me.
'No they are coming.'
'You are crazy.'
'You'll see.'
'You speak such words...'
'Yet no one believes.'
'But in your madness
What else do you see?'

I see the war that lies ahead
I see sickness,I see death.
The sky's on fire;a mother cries
She has learned she has no child.
All her love was in vain,
She couldn't protect him from the pain.
I hear there guns decide our faith.
But will the angels come to aid?

'You speak of war in time of peace?'
'I cannot help it,I can't resist'
'Pleas continue,do not stop'
'Haven't I said enough?'

I see a river made of blood
I see our honer drowned in mud.
An old man cries : 'What have we done?'
But once it starts it will not stop.
A coin is toss up in the air
But when it will fall?
Will we still care?

'You make me laugh!'
'I know I do.'
'So...This feels almost real to you?'

My friend If you could see
I do not speak of what will be,
But of the hate that felt upon
The Earth...and now it has begun.

sâmbătă, 9 ianuarie 2010

In times of war

I had a dream,at break of dawn
The clouds where covering the sun
It was the time of tears and pain
The time when prayers where in vain.
The time when blood was on our hands,
A time of war,that never ends.
And you can hear hearts cry at night
We have no choice,we have to fight.
But you,my love,you where my guide
Through flames,through darkness and through life.

The fog around us starts to rise
We hear there whispers in the night.
My spine shivers,my hands now shake...
If it's a dream why can't I wake?
And finally we understand
The hungry wolfs are out again.
And if our souls are lost in war
I know tomorrow when dawn falls,
You'll still be lost in my eyes
In times of war in dreams of light.

marți, 22 decembrie 2009

The siren chronicles

I must confess I was one of them
One of the sirens,one of the damned.
We used to swim along the horizon,
We used to sing for those who divined us.
And we use to call them with or enchanted songs
Deep into the water where our power is strong.
Never has the ocean looked so dark
As in the night that I left them...
The night I first walked.
When I found the way,to break my curse,
A kiss from his lips and I forgot who I was...
But the sirens swore they will pay me back,
And when I least expected,they will attack.

The water is calm now,but I can still hear,
The call of my sisters,there voices are near.
I can see the distance in you're eyes
You have heard there songs and they cursed you for life.
The wind brings them closer,I can feel it in my blood.
They are still singing,but how can they be stopped?
I will protect you from all of there spells
Even if my journey will take me through hell.

The moon has spin again
Illness now has spread,
Through our minds and throe our soul
Poison now has filed our blood.
Was my sacrifice in vain,
Will you love me all the same?
Misery has caged my heart
Knowing that we are apart.

I must confess I was one of them,
But I lost my powers,when I felt in love.
And now I can't fight them any more,
My hopes are ruined
Can this be my curse?
But what is the right path I have to take,
When our love is at stake?
When the sirens start to sing
Will you listen,will you sin?

I see the ocean in you're eyes,
The is no compassion,only lies.
I can here the waves of the sees
Has all hope abandoned me?
I feel like drowning...but now I see..
Freedom means nothing
If you are not with me.

Long lost siren,what have you done?
You where a fool,love is long gone
But I know now what I must do,
They want my blood there not after you.
And with this last lines I now right
I hope you can understand
That I saved you're life.
And I know you won't remember
What my name was,
But the ocean will whisper
The the taste of my blood.

I must confess I was a siren too,
But I started a war,and all just for you.

marți, 27 octombrie 2009


Enter this cursed world
Leave your faith
At the door...
It's a prison
It's a curse,
And the darkness
Of the earth.
We are here today,
We feel the joy
And all the sorrow.
It's no illusion,
No vision
I welcome you to my
Earthly Prison.